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Teams up with mva

The Kart Championship is delighted to now be partnering up with Minerva’s Virtual Academy from 2024, as their Official Education Partner.

Minerva’s Virtual Academy (MVA) is a multi-award winning online school for students aged 11 to 18, providing a flexible alternative to traditional education. MVA caters to the bespoke needs and ambitions of each student, assisting them in balancing their pursuits in both education and sport.

The goal of the school is to help the TKC drivers in the older classes to have a welcome balance between intense training and racing regimens, thereby being able to concentrate on their motorsport endeavours, whilst not having to make any form of compromise, when it comes to their academic studies.

MVA student-athletes are able to watch all lessons back, have flexible studying times that works for them, and also have the facility to have 1-2-1 mentoring with professional athletes, who can provide both advice and guidance to the students on core skill areas, such as time keeping, media handling and wellbeing when it comes to mental health.

The school’s fortnightly High-Performance Club brings all the school’s athletes together online to share experiences with each other and participate in guest lectures.

In recent years, MVA has built a successful record of working with young racing drivers across several UK and international race series, highlighting the growing demand for better and more flexible education solutions within the motorsport sector.

“Karting takes a huge commitment, when you include drivers having to take the time of school for travelling and parents/family off work. It is really exhausting and a lot of time being on the road.

“As a kids-only championship, it’s very important that we recognise the importance of our drivers’ education. I’m thrilled we are working with Minerva to provide an alternative to conventional education. which is flexible enough to fit in with a drivers schedule.

“It is structured enough to ensure they achieve their grades and affordable enough to be a better cost-effective solution to private school”

Darren Beavers

Championship Organiser, The Kart Championship

“Minerva’s innovative education approach is reshaping opportunities for young athletes balancing academics and sports. I’m excited to collaborate with Darren and The Kart Championship; we’re expanding on successful partnerships with MSUK, BRSCC, RGMMC, IAME Euro Series, and Champions of the Future. Together, our goal is to broaden opportunities for drivers across Europe.

“In the past year, I’ve had the privilege of mentoring aspiring drivers aged 11-18 at MVA, serving as a liaison between parents, coaches, and schools. Our efforts are propelling education and sports to new heights. We’re dedicated to eliminating the need for young racers to compromise their passion for racing in pursuit of academic excellence. With our commitment to flexible learning, these athletes can excel on the track and in academics.

“This collaboration marks a transformative chapter in the intersection of education and motorsport. We’re already working with some drivers in Matty’s championship and eager to extend our support to more.”

Sol Rolls-Tyson

Elite Athlete Education Officer, Minerva Virtual Academy

“Working with Minerva has really allowed me to focus on my racing and potential future career, without having me fall behind with school work and jeopardise my education.

“It’s truly a win-win situation, as I get to race and not miss out on studying.”

Harry Hurst-Grover

2023 JKC Junior Rotax Vice Champion , Current MVA Student



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